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- a mega popular dude with a beard and moustache. Anti-glamorous singer, composer, artist, philosopher, playwright, bard. Favorite dish - mackerel with bread. Fears nothing, except earwigs and spiders. Character - positive joker, walking goodness itself. Colleagues - Lesyk, Julik, Meyson. Lover - Katherine (Julik's wife). Give thank's to Kuzma Skryabin. On Christmas and Easter - always in Novoyavorivsk (his home town).


Vocalist. Education - musical, higher. A successful maximalist.




- sticks up for Dzidzio and can kick someone’s ass (just a bit) if necessary. Military service - navy. Persistent fisherman, likes to pick mushrooms. Loves money, with closed eyes can tell a difference between dollars and gruvnia by smell (100% accurate). Can have an orgasm when getting a manicure. Likes to eat oysters with buckwheat, covered with fried onion. Passion - women’s breasts. Sometimes can bull shit people.


Guitar, back-vocalist. Education – musical, higher. 




- Katherine’s husband, second cousin of Lesyk. Made bidets as a migrant worker in Portugal. Can play anything. Facial expression - pervert. Tyrant.


Keyboard, back-vocalist. Education – higher, musical (Italy).



- pig, Dzidzio’s bellowed friend. It has blue eyes and long white eyelashes. Likes to eat chafer beetles and ants from under the baseboards. His dong measures 8.3 inches. Favorite movie – porn (interracial). Untrustworthy friends - pancakes (local dogs - coyotes with pincers and lichen). Nightmare - meat factory. 


Idea generation and inspiretion. Education - street, hands on.