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The official site of the mega popular Dzidzio is a place where you can find out everything related to Dzidzio directly from the source. Follow these few simple rules so that we can love you as much as you love Dzidzio:


1. You can copy the texts, of course, but with the copyright of our website.


2. You can also copy the masterpiece, one of a kind, images but only with the websites copyright.


3. Same applies to the videos. There are links to our YouTube channel. Keep your intentions righteous toward our creations.


4. Also, there’re some colourful words in Dzidzios free-flowing, laid back speech. Please, don’t be offended by the coarse language which you encounter on the site.


5. Warning! Dzidzio got his style and logo for birthday and presents are meant for those who receive them. Only use it with the blessing of the “mega popular” himself or the design-studio DeeP. Amen.


Enjoy the video and audio content on the website and get to know Dzidzio, Julik, Lamur and Meison like never before.